Spacious Rooms

We offer three rooms each with its own bath. 

The Attwood House has been newly renovated and features decor from around the world.


The Attwood House takes its name from the history of the town of Randolph.  Originally built in "old" Randolph, it was home to the community's doctor, George Arthur Attwood.  In the 1950's amid much turmoil the Tuttle Creek Dam was built resulting in Randolph being covered in water.  Many residents elected to move their homes to the present location of Randolph.  Doc Attwood was one of these people and the home became a well known landmark in the community.  To this day people will talk about "Doc Attwood's house."  Thus the name of the bed and breakfast was born:  The Attwood House.

Picture is a Dutch Baby

(a German style pancake)



Let your imagination travel the world. Each room contains treasures from the innkeeper's travels.



Awake to a breakfast that is just what the doctor ordered! follow the smell of fresh, hot coffee to the dining room where you can begin the day with a full breakfast.