AH..... you'll be At Home at the Attwood House.  Your choice of three luxurious rooms await. Whether you’re driving cross country, enjoying  a hunting or a fishing adventure, exploring the nearby off road vehicle park, cheering on the K-State Wildcats, or just relaxing with a quiet getaway, The Attwood House offers comfortable and  unique accommodations.  

This newly renovated 1910 home is not your typical B&B.  Owner/innkeeper, Lillie Sharp, has worked and travelled abroad extensively.  From the giant Tibetan drum in the entry way to the bronze Centurion statue standing guard in the European Suite, treasures found during her adventures are displayed and part of the décor. 



Finished your day of fishing or hunting?  Hang out in the living room with its baby grand piano, sing karaoke, or watch TV and play games in the upstairs sitting room.  Enjoy a game of disc golf in the city park across the street, croquet on the lawn, or take a spin on the B&B’s tandem bicycle.  The Attwood House has lots of nooks and crannies to relax with a good book. 

Not your typical b&b

Lots to do